sans fin

Sans fin (French for “Without an end”) is a never-ending project that may alter in many various ways. This is a way, an infinite road. It’s walking on the road liberated from all kinds of big global ideologies, where hardness dismantles and everything flows lightly; Images with provoking mines that can give birth to living thought if exploded and in principle, this will be the only takeaway from my drawings. I offer you that which is impossible to explain, which is absolutely out of context from our ordinary sphere and reality. I’m presenting you images that are not subject to explanation and description. Sans fin is a particular state and has no link to the world of values, cannot be calculated through mediums of mathematics and logic. This is an attempt to find language that will enable to represent this state and is expressed through the feelings of the observer.

I have told no one to wait…. I hate you all, gently…. And what is to be said of this song that you elicit from us?… 2017. Pigment ink on paper. 42 x 29,5 cm